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Qun Li is a Postdoctoral Researcher at MTC (Department of Microbiology, tumor and cell biology) (PI: Dr. Claudia Kutter), Karolinska Institutet.

Qun’s overall interest is to understand genetic and epigenetic mechanisms related to disease processes using multiple omics methods (Genetics & Genomics).

Before joining Karolinska Institutet, he completed his doctoral training at HRGR (Human Reproduction and Genetics Research Group) (PI: Dr. Lei Wang and Dr. Qing Sang), Fudan University and his master’s training at College of Life Sciences (PI: Dr. Mingzhi Liao), Northwest A & F University.


liqun95@163.com | qun.li@ki.se | qunli20@fudan.edu.cn | leequn@nwsuaf.edu.cn



# These authors contributed to this work equally
* Corresponding author

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